Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Mario Molina's Childhood and family life

- He was born on March 19, 1943 in Mexico City, Mexico
- When Mario was a small child he converted his bathroom into a labratory and spent much of his time there with his aunt, Esther Molina
- His father was Roberto Molina Pasquel and his mother was Leonor Henriquez de Molina.
His father was a lawyer who had a private practice.
His father also taught at the National University of Mexico.
After Molina left Mexico his dad was a Mexican Ambassador to Ethopia, the Phillippines, and Australia
- When Molina was 11 years old he attended a boarding school in switzerland becasue he though he should know the German Language because he thought it might help him to become a scientist.
- as a child Molina thought about becoming a musician as a violinist
- In 1977 Molina had a child named Felipe.

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